About kidpik

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About kidpik

Your personalized, on-trend fashion subscription box for children

• 1 million+ boxes shipped
• 26,916 verified reviews
• 4.1 / 5 
• 2018-2021 Voted #1 clothing subscription box for kids
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Who We Are

Kidpik was founded by a team with 30+ years of childrenswear expertise who set out to solve two major pain points parents experience when shopping for kids’ clothing the traditional way:

Finding fashionable outfits that match: Parents do not always have the expertise to put together stylized, fashionable looks their kids will look good in and love to wear.

Avoiding challenging in-store shopping experiences with kids: Shopping for kids clothing is not always an easy task. It’s time consuming, can be difficult and often a family member who does not enjoy the process is along for the ride.

We deliver kids’ clothing subscription boxes for boys and girls (sizes 2T-16) that include at least three mix-&-match, coordinated head to toe outfits (including shoes) that are personalized based on each member’s unique style preferences.

Our Mission:


kidpik was launched in 2016 on the premise of making shopping easy, convenient, and accessible for parents and fun for kids.

We wanted to create the ultimate shopping experience, as well as surprise and delight our members by bringing the store to their homes in a beautifully packaged box! Our goal was to save parents money, time, and stress by doing the shopping and styling for them, delivering personalized, coordinated outfits (what we call ‘piks’) directly to their door and allowing their kids to try the items on in the comfort of their own home and within the context of their kids’ closet.

We built our subscription ‘box,’ which contains seven items—five pieces of clothing, a pair of shoes, and an accessory—to create 3 mix-&-match, personalized outfits, that are ready to wear right out of the box!

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Our Commitment to Outfit Coordination and Fit

Our entire kidpik collection is designed in-house by our team in New York City. We believe that in order to ensure outfits look good, are truly coordinated and fit well, each piece—from the apparel to the shoes and accessories— should be designed together with coordination in mind from the start.

Our expertise in children’s fashion allows us to deliver on our commitment to providing trend-right, coordinated outfits. Our design, merchandising, production, and styling teams work together to build seasonal collections in an array of colors and prints that mix-&-match and cater to any lifestyle preference, including active, classic, trendy, urban or girly.

Inconsistency of sizing is something we’ve found can be frustrating when buying clothes from different brands. Our in-house technical team uses rigorous quality and fit standards to ensure everything we produce meets standard measurements, so that each item fits well, and kids can feel comfortable in kidpik. There is no guess work in determining their size across our many categories!

With over 1 million boxes shipped, we are proud of the piks we’ve sent to happy members and look forward to delivering more styles and smiles 😊

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