About kidpik

Girls and boys opening kidpik subscription boxes

About kidpik

We deliver curated, expertly
styled outfits for kids in a
surprise box!

Brand Story

kidpik was founded in 2016 by Ezra Dabah and his team, who have 3 decades of childrenswear experience and previously built a multi-billion dollar childrens specialty store. Together, they set out to deliver a solution for parents by delivering stylized and personalized outfits for their kids.

Who We Are

kidpik is an award-winning kids’ clothing subscription box. With kidpik, parents trade the difficulty of shopping for their kids with the excitement of unboxing a curated surprise from the comfort of their home.

What We Do

Our stylist, with help from our algorithm, translate kids’ unique fashion preferences into personalized outfits they’ll love. We deliver them to your doorstep monthly or seasonally (your choice!) in a surprise box with free shipping and returns.

We Inspire Confidence

The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence. We empower kids to discover their unique sense of style, with support from our team of fashion experts.

Our Mission

To change the way parents shop by delivering personalized and stylized outfits that make their kids look great and feel confident.

What Makes kidpik Unique

our experience makes a difference

We create our collections in-house from the heart. We deliver happiness for the whole family thanks to our decades of experience designing clothing that’s loved by both kids and parents.


We empower kids to get inivolved in the styling process and let their unique personality shine bright in outfits they feel great in.


Our surprise boxes get our members to think outside of the box and have fun when it comes to their style.

With over 1.1 million boxes shipped,
we look forward to delivery more styles and smiles 😊

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