Clothing Subscription Box Reviews

When choosing the best clothing subscription box, reviews are the first thing you should consider. So, check out some of the glowing kidpik reviews from happy moms & kids across the country...

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How to Search Through Our Clothing Subscription Box Reviews

The only way to know for sure if you and your child will love a fashion subscription box is if you order one and experience it first hand. But it’s also smart to first search online for clothing subscription box reviews and compare your options! That way, you get to hear what real customers are saying about their experience, and what you can expect.

As you’re comparing companies and reading the reviews, follow our checklist for what to look for...

Checklist: What to Look for in Reviews

  • 4+ star average rating
  • 1K+ reviews from verified buyers
  • Genuine constructive criticism or feedback
  • Most customers say the experience is what they expected or better
  • The company responds professionally to complaints and feedback
  • Quality is generally good
  • Sizing is mostly accurate
  • Delivery is quick and on-time
  • Communication is excellent throughout the process
  • Delivery and returns are easy (and free!)

Other Ways To Know Whether a Subscription Box Is Right For You

The next step is to take a closer look at the brand and make sure they’re a match for you and your child. Our top tip? Watch unboxing videos! This is especially handy when it comes to kids’ subscription boxes because you’ll really find out what kids think (whereas when you read clothing subscription box reviews, it’s usually the mom writing it!).

Another tip when choosing a subscription box is to think about what’s most important to you. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with online shopping in the past that you’d like to avoid. Or maybe one of these factors stands out as being your #1 non-negotiable:

  • On time shipping
  • Great communication
  • Good service
  • Good quality
  • Easy returns
  • Good value for money
  • Clothing that lasts

Leave a Review!

Finally, pay it forward to fellow and future shoppers and make sure YOU leave a clothing subscription box review after you buy - we’d love to hear your feedback, and you’ll help kids and parents decide if our subscription is right for them.

You can leave a kidpik review by clicking the feedback link in your emails (after you sign up for your first box and your child’s clothes arrive). We’re excited to hear what you think and look forward to making kidpik even better with your help.