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Girls and boys opening kidpik subscription boxes


Mom’s Little Secret: Subscription Boxes for Kids

So, you've heard a thing or two about subscription boxes for boys and girls and you want to know what all the excitement is about? You're in the right place! We know a thing or two about subscription boxes for kids. And we've seen firsthand how much kids love getting their personalized boxes (spoiler alert: they love them a LOT).

Read on to find out what makes them so great no matter your kids age - not just for toddlers, but older kids, and parents too! Plus, get the inside info on exactly what makes the "best" fashion box subscription for your child's age.

Girls and boys opening kidpik subscription boxes

Fun Clothing subscription boxes:
the ultimate mom & dad hack

Why you’ll wish you’d signed up for this sooner:

Fun The excitement of opening their own personalized kids subscription box full of kids clothes

It’s practical kidpik is the ultimate clothing subscription box for kids in any age range full of items they want and need

Fashion made easy You don't have to worry about figuring out the current kids' fashion trends since each monthly box is custom coordinated from head-to-toe just for your little ones!

Straight to your door Forget the mall! kidpik monthly box is super convenient delivering your order straight to your door!

On your schedule Choose to receive their monthly subscription box monthly, every 6 weeks, or every 12 weeks and then revel in the unboxing fun with your toddler and older kids

Why Moms & Dads Love Monthly Clothing Boxes for Kids

Ask any boy or girl and they'll tell you how much they'd love a kidpik clothing subscription box. But what about moms, dads, grandparents, and other caregivers)? The good news is that kidpik is just as awesome for YOU as it is for your toddler and older kids. Here's why:

Gift for girls

Give Yourself More Time

Tired of spending hours at the mall or experienced online shopping fatigue trying to find the perfect outfit for your boy or girl? Shop & try on a custom coordinated subscription box outfits in the comfort of your home instead! Turn the unboxing experience into a fun activity to do with your children. Joining the #1 outfit subscription box is a quick and easy way to get cute outfits for girls and boys delivered to your door. With kidpik, you'll get back hours every month. What will you do with all that time? Read books, catch up with friends, or maybe shop for something special just for YOU?

Gift for girls

Give Your Budget a Break

Unlike other types of boxes, kidpik's monthly box lets you exchange or return items that aren't right for your child. Buying a fun subscription box for your older or younger kid is probably a lot more reasonable than you think! With kidpik, you get amazing quality clothing at affordable prices (averaging $14 per item) and you can send back anything you don't want to keep or exchange the size for free (even the whole box). Great prices, no styling fees, free shipping, and returns. Just pay for the clothes your little one loves. The kidpik subscription box is available in sizes 2T-16 with a recommended age of 1-14.

Gift for girls
Gift for girls

Get Back Your Sanity

Trying to coordinate clothing for your boy or girl can be a total nightmare. Your younger kids don't quite know their personal style yet, but they aren't keen on mom or dad choosing all of their clothes, either. That's where our subscription box for kids comes in. Every kidpik box is 100% coordinated by their stylist, making it easy for them to put together outfits they love (and that look good, too) no matter what your kid's age is. No more fights over what to wear!

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Help Your Kids Learn and Grow

Sometimes it can feel as though your kid grew an inch overnight. Maybe they did because of a #growthspurt. But there are other ways your kid is growing, too. A monthly subscription box for kids will help grow their sense of adventure, so they try new things and step outside the box. Plus, it will help your girl or boy gain confidence and figure out their own personal style.

Gift for girls
Gift for girls

It’ll Make Your Kid Over-The-Moon Happy!

At the end of the day, it's all about the kids. And while an outfit subscription box is awesome and convenient for parents, what we all want most of all is a happy kid. So, what do kids think? Quite simply, a monthly subscription box is fun, exciting, and entertaining, no matter your boy or girl's age. They're always full of surprises and give your kid something to look forward to every single month.

Gift for girls

"Kidpik is a great program. The clothing styles are hip and they are true to size. The box conveniently arrives at your door, you choose to keep some or all of it or send it back. The checkout process online is fast and easy. It's an easy way to shop for busy families!"
- Holly L.

Of course, your girl doesn’t have to know kidpik is as much for YOU as it is for her. Your secret is safe with us!

Ready to sign your boy or girl up for a great clothing subscription box? Let's take a look at some of the features to look for and how you can find the best subscription boxes for kids.

Get Our Top-Rated Monthly Box for Girls

If you’re going to do something, DO IT RIGHT! And that 100% applies to subscription boxes for kids. We might be a little bit biased here at kidpik, but we’ve worked hard to design the best kids’ clothing subscription service you’ll find online (just check the thousands of reviews from moms and dads who agree!).

Here’s why more parents choose kidpik…

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Every box is custom styled to your girl’s own unique style and preferences

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Mix-and-match any of the 7 items in the box to create 3 cute outfits

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Get trendy, fashionable outfits put together by our team of expert stylists

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Get premium quality clothing, shoes, and accessories in every box

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The average cost per item is just $15, plus you’ll never pay styling fees

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Get a generous 25-35% discount if you keep the entire box

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Enjoy free shipping and returns – only pay for the items your girl loves!

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Choose from 4, 8, or 12 boxes per year and start, pause, or stop your subscription any time

Make Your Kid’s Day with the Best Subscription Box for Kids

Sign up today to get your next box. Start the fun by taking our 3-minute style quiz today to find out your boy or girl's unique style (are they trendy, sporty, or classic?). We'll use your answers to personalize everything in their clothing subscription box

"My daughter was over the moon with her first box! From the personalized sticker inside (which she thought was so cool) to the cute clothes & shoes, we both were thrilled and impressed with EVERYTHING in the box!! It was things we never would have picked, but every piece she tried on ended up looking amazing on her!!!!"
- Debra M.

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