kidpik FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


What is kidpik?

Kidpik is a personal styling service that delivers head-to-toe kids fashion looks created just for your child directly to your door! They’ll receive 3 head-to-toe outfits (including shoes!) packaged as a special gift. Commitment + risk free—try on in the comfort of your home for 7 days.

How does it work? Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Take the Quiz:

We can’t wait to get to know your child! Tell us all the details that make your child’s style unique with our quick 3-minute style quiz!

2. Unbox the excitement!

They will love pairing their new, coordinated fashion pieces together, or styling with their current wardrobe. The options are endless and guaranteed to make them smile

3. Keep what you Love

There’s no obligation; pay only for what you keep, and send the rest back or exchange for free! BONUS—get 30% OFF when you keep the entire fashion box.

How much does an average kidpik cost?

The average price of a box is $95.00 with the 30 percent discount for keeping all of the items. Since $95.00 is an average, depending on the items in the box, the average price could go up or down.

There is no obligation! Keep only the items you love however, if you choose not to keep the entire box, the 30 percent keep all discount will not be applied.

Kidpik is commitment and risk free. There are no membership, styling or shipping/return fees.

Ready to get started?

Great! We can’t wait to style your child. Get started with our fun interactive personalized style quiz.



What’s included in each kidpik fashion box?

Each pik contains a custom-styled collection of outfits, consisting of 7 pieces of premium fashion. We offer an assortment of tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and accessories.

What brands can I expect to receive?

We design and produce all our own apparel, shoes and accessories under our kidpik brand with your child in mind every step of the way. This provides us the ability to deliver your well-coordinated pik at a great value and ensures consistency in quality and fit.

Can I choose my selection?

No need to! We take all the guesswork out of shopping. Our seasoned stylists will carefully curate your child’s pik based on their individual preferences and style.

Can I update my style profile and size?

Certainly! Simply update sizing information and style preferences by logging into your account.

Can I sign up more than one child?

Absolutely! Once you create an account you’ll be able to register as many children as you’d like to the same account.

Each child will receive their own personalized piks based on their unique style profile.

What are the size ranges in a kidpik box?

The kidpik collection ranges between sizes 4-16. Our shoes are available in sizes 9 toddler – 6 youth. Not sure what size to choose? Click here to view our size charts?

What is kidpik shop?

kidpik shop enables you to stock up on wardrobe essentials and fashion styles all year long. We offer an array of seasonal and trend-right colors, combined with superior quality and fit, at awesome prices that you can purchase individually, whether you have a subscription or not! Please see separate FAQ for kidpik shop



When will I get charged?

Once your pik is received, you have 7 days to decide which items you want to keep or return. Complete the checkout process within 7 days of delivery by logging into your account to finalize the payment.

If we do not hear from you within 7 days of delivery, we trust that you love everything and will automatically charge your payment method for keeping the entire pik with the 30% discount.

Why did I get charged $20.00?

A $20.00 temporary authorization is issued at time of sign-up and before each subsequent box ships to validate your card. This amount will not be charged to your account and is typically released within the same day (depending on your banks' policy).

Do I need to checkout?

Yes, please. Within 7 days of delivery, complete the checkout process by logging into your account and selecting the items you wish to keep, return, or exchange.

Checkout is not required if you decide to keep the entire box, your credit card will automatically be charged after 7 days.

What if I need more time to checkout?

You can extend your checkout by logging into your account once your pik is delivered. Click on the Orders tab and select "Extend Checkout"

Will I be charged if I return everything in my kidpik?

No. You will not be charged if you checkout within 7 days and return by the date provided.

What payment methods does kidpik accept?

We currently accept credit & debit cards from US issuing banks such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept PayPal with a valid US billing address. Please note, we currently do not accept pre-paid, payroll or healthcare cards.



How often will I receive a pik?

kidpik offers 3 frequency options:
- 1 pik every 12 weeks
- 1 pik every 6 weeks
- 1 pik every 4 weeks

When will my first pik ship?

Once your subscription is activated our stylists will get started on their first pik right away. New subscriptions can take up to 3 weeks to be styled and shipped. When the first box is ready you’ll receive an email with tracking information.

Your next pik will follow the frequency you chose when you signed up. You can change your frequency at any time by logging into your account.

Can I change my frequency?

Certainly! You can change your frequency option at any time. Simply log into your account and click "Billing/Shipping/Frequency" where you can adjust your current frequency.

Can I pause or cancel my membership?

Yes! You may pause or cancel your child's account at any time. Simply log in and choose the "Billing/Shipping/Frequency" option.

Click the "Additional Options" link to "Skip" your next scheduled shipment, "Pause" your deliveries for 30-90 days, or "Adjust" your frequency schedule.

In the event our stylists are in the process of curating a fashion box, your account update will be reflected in the following shipment.

If you prefer to stop receiving kidpik fashion boxes, click on the "Cancel My Subscription" link to cancel your account.

Canceling your account does not provide you a refund for any previous boxes, nor does it stop a pending charge.

You may also pause or cancel your account by emailing customer service at [email protected]. We are available 9AM – 6PM EST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.



Are there any shipping fees?

No. Shipping is always on us! kidpik offers free shipping and includes a free return envelope in every pik.

Do you ship internationally?

kidpik is currently only available within the 48 Contiguous United States and Military addresses. At this time we don’t ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

What method of shipping does kidpik use?

kidpik uses FedEx SmartPost shipping in connection with U.S. Postal Service for final delivery. This means you’ll receive your kidpik box together with your regular mail.

Delivery typically occurs between 5-10 business days.



How do returns work?

Once you receive your kidpik, you have 7 days to decide which items you would like to keep or return. A free return envelope is provided in each shipment to send back any item(s) you wish to return, within the 7 day time period. Returned items must be unworn and sent back in their original condition.

Complete the checkout process by logging into your account and selecting the items you wish to keep or return. You will only be charged for the items you choose to keep.

If we do not hear from you within 7 days of delivery, we trust that you love everything in your pik and will charge your payment method for the full box amount with the 30% discount applied.

What is your return & exchange policy after 7 days?

We cannot accept returns or exchanges postmarked after 7 days. Any items received after this time will be shipped back to you.

Should you need additional time, please contact Customer Service within the 7 days.

What if I don’t like the entire pik?

In that case, we'll do our best to get your pik just right the next time! No charges will be made if checkout is completed to indicate all items are being returned and postmarked by the date provided.



Can I exchange for a different size?

Of course! We understand that some items may not fit to your satisfaction. During the checkout process, please indicate your preferred size to start the exchange process.

Exchanges will be processed once the item(s) are paid for during checkout.

Within 7 days of receiving your pik, use the free return/exchange envelope included in each shipment to send back any new condition, unworn item(s) that do not fit.

In the event you need to make an exchange, we encourage you to update your child’s style profile with their current sizing information so their next pik will be a perfect fit.

Note: we can only exchange sizes once per item and order.

Can I exchange for a different item?

Unfortunately, we cannot exchange items for a different style. Simply return any unworn items within 7 days and your payment method will not be charged for any returned items.

Will I still receive the 30% discount If I exchanged an item for a different size?

Yes. If you keep the entire pik you will receive the 30% off discount.

What if the size I need isn’t available?

If the size you need isn’t available during checkout email us at [email protected].



Want to make the world a better place?

Share your style & your heart with a child in need. Choose ‘donate’ as an option at checkout for any pieces that your child may not need or simply would like to give. kidpik will match your donated gift and we will deliver your generous donation (x2!) to a child less fortunate. You will still receive 30% off for keeping the entire box!

Place the item(s) they wishes to donate inside the prepaid return envelope and drop in any USPS box.

kidpik is here to help your child share their style & heart, and impact the life of another.



What is the kidpik Referral Program?

Share kidpik with a friend and you and your friend will receive $20 towards your next order. It’s a win-win!

Who can join the kidpik Referral Program?

We love when our customers share their love of kidpik with friends. Registered members can refer as many friends as they like!

How do I invite my friends to kidpik?

It’s fun and easy to share kidpik with your friends. You can share your own personal unique link via email, Facebook or Twitter. Click here for your unique link and start sharing today.

When do I get my Referral Credit?

For every new member who joins kidpik via your invite link or share and makes a purchase of $40 or more, you'll automatically receive a $20 credit deposited into to your kidpik account. The credit will be applied toward your next kidpik box. We'll email you as soon as you earn a credit.

My friend gave me a friend credit, how do I redeem it?

Click on the referral link shared with you by your friend to create your child’s new subscription. Once your new subscription has been created, the friend credit code will automatically be applied to your account. Your credit will be automatically applied to your first order of $40 or more.

How do I keep track of my credit?

Log in to your kidpik account to see your current available credit. You can also view your outstanding invites and send your friends reminders to join.

If I make a social post from kidpik, who can see it?

When you post to social media sites via kidpik, your posts will be published according to any preferences and/or permissions you have set on those sites.