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How it works:

Submit your kid's (classmates, or friends) random act of kindness by filling out the form below, and you'll be automatically entered to win a free girl's kidpik fashion box (sizes 4-16)! Our team will choose 5 winners EACH MONTH! You'll have a chance to win 7 items, that create 3 coordinated head-to-toe outfits including shoes, all for doing something nice. Also, you'll be featured on our blog so our community can celebrate you, and kidpik will honor the winners with a #pikkindness award!

To report an act of kindness, check out our form below! We're counting on you to help us spread the message about #pikkindness, and help to make classrooms a fun, happy and safe place for everyone!

Kidpik kindness Image


Kidpik kindness Image
  1. Tell us about her act of kindness. How good she felt about helping another, and how it made the recipient feel:

    Upload a photo of your girl making a heart with her hands.

  2. Please share her name and your email address so we can notify you if she wins!

  3. Are you submitting this act of kindness on behalf of someone rlse? If so, please tell us your relation to them.

  4. Do you give us permission to feature your girl on our kidpik pages so we can celebrate her act of kindness?

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