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Awesome Back to School Outfits for Boys

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Soon boys will be heading back to school and while education takes center stage, with schedules and school supplies, clothing and style is also an important consideration. It is crucial that your son has the back-to-school outfit essentials he needs to set him up for a successful start to the school year. His wardrobe should be one that conveys his style, unique attitude, and provides him the confidence to succeed. 

Many parents are turning to children’s clothing subscription boxes for their sons back to school clothing and accessories. These boxes are delivered right to your door, making them a great choice for busy families going back to school and throughout the year. It is important for parents to choose the right company to provide their son’s clothing subscription box. 

Choosing an inexperienced company could result in expensive, poor-quality clothing, unfair terms, and bad customer service. kidpik provides parents and children with the best in boy’s clothing subscription boxes. Whether he prefers classic attire, urban wear, or active clothing, there are numerous clothing options available to help every boy return to school looking fresh and feeling confident. 

boy in kids clothes

Discover His Style 

The first step in helping your son get ready to go back to school is to assist him in designing his wardrobe. Creating a fashionable and fresh wardrobe will allow him to discover his own unique style. He may need your help with part of the process. 

You can help discover his style by simply discussing different attributes of clothing. 

Fit- Does he like skinny-fitted, loose, or bootcut jeans?

Types- Does he like button-down shirts or graphic tees?

Colors- Does he prefer bright, neutral, or bold color statements?

Patterns- Is he more into stripes, plaid, camo, or solids?

These simple questions can help both caregivers and boys better understand their style preferences. How you ask these questions will depend on the age of your child. 

If you are helping a younger child, it is usually more effective to show them photos online, or inside a department store to help them understand the different types of clothing patterns and fits. 

boy in kidpik subscription clothes

kidpik is the Easiest Way to Go Back to School Shopping 

It can be difficult for parents to keep up with the ever-changing world of children’s styles. For this reason, parents turn to kidpik for their team of experienced child stylists. 

Many parents are turning to children’s clothing subscription boxes for their child’s back-to-school clothing. These are a practical way to get a boy’s clothing that is uniquely crafted for his specific preferences, comfortable, and stylish. 

Boy’s clothing does not have to be boring. There are numerous ways to layer shirts, jackets, and accessories to create a unique look. 

kidpik is the preferred choice by parents throughout the nation for boy’s clothing subscription boxes. This is because their clothing is uniquely designed in-house and cannot be found anywhere else. 

There are numerous other reasons that kidpik is the only choice for boy’s subscription boxes. 

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Made for His Unique Style 

When parents sign-up for kidpik they are asked to complete a quick 3-minute style quiz that will help determine which style of boy’s clothing their child prefers. Help walk your child through this quiz that will ask questions about fit, colors, patterns, and more. 

A team of stylists will then select outfits to fit your child’s unique style. These boxes include shirts, shorts/pants (depending on the season), hoodies and jackets, shoes, and accessories. Each box contains seven items to mix and match. 

kidpik keeps up with the latest styles so that you don’t have to. This helps take the guesswork out of which styles are popular. 

There are no worries about satisfaction, kidpik includes prepaid postage for free returns, in the case that he doesn’t like the clothing that was received. 

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Help Him Coordinate Outfits 

kidpik boxes come with everything that a boy needs to learn to coordinate his outfits appropriately. This is a trial and error experience for most children but made easier with kidpik selections.   

Older children tend to do well with putting together outfits. While younger boys may need your guidance throughout. 

Either way, this is a fun experience that helps you better get to know your son’s style preferences and teaches him how to coordinate clothing. 

The clothing in each kidpik box is coordinated to be mixed and matched with other pieces within the same box. This makes it easier for you, and your son, to create matching outfits. 

A Practical Way to Shop 

kidpik boxes allow parents to skip the department stores and have their children’s clothing delivered straight to their door, saving both time and money. 

kidpik provides high-quality clothing that is affordable. Each piece of clothing averages only $14 an item, and they even offer a keep-all discount of 30% off. 

kidpik provides their clothing subscription boxes at the frequency you choose. You can have a box delivered every 4, 6, or 12 weeks.  

Fast Service and Free Returns 

kidpik provides parents with free shipping, exchanges, and returns. The moment that a new customer signs up for a subscription box, a stylist uses the style quiz to begin selecting your son’s unique box. You can expect your first subscription box within one to two weeks. 

Visit kidpik to read reviews from thousands of satisfied kidpik customers who have plunged into the world of children’s clothing subscription boxes. There you can see photos and videos of box unveilings that showcase the joy of children opening their very own kidpik box. 

kidpik provides parents with a faster, more economical way to buy their son’s back-to-school clothing and at the same time make them happy. 

Reach out to kidpik today for more information. A team of experienced stylists is ready to design your son’s unique back-to-school clothing subscription box.  


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