5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Girl Into a Total Fashionista!

August 2018
Tip #1: Color Coordinate

The first trick to styling is making sure your colors flow and work together. A great way to do this is to pick one item of clothing (pant/shirt) that has fun colors. Then, pick your second piece that has a neutral color tone i.e. black, white, gray or even navy. These neutrals are great and can work with almost anything!


In the first look, we took a top with coral, yellow, and mint accents. We chose to coordinate it with a coral short. In the second, we chose to pair the same top with a neutral denim.

Tip #2: Mix & Match Patterns

Styling patterns can be as simple as using the same print for the top and bottom, thus turning it into a set! It's easy to do and trending at the moment. Mixing and matching patterns can seem scary, but when done well it makes for a super cool look!


For the first look, we took a top and bottom of the same print and turned it into a set. If your girl is ready to make a fashion statement, she can pair the floral top with a checked short.

Tip #3: Cuff and Roll

A super easy way to make your girl feel stylish and put together is the classic cuff and roll. This simple act can turn any outfit into something fun and fashion forward.

On the same note, you can amp up her style by knotting the end of a button down or t-shirt. This simple detail makes for the perfect finishing touch on your girls look.

Tucking in a longer top is a great way to pull your look together. This is called a "French Tuck."


Tip #4: Accessorize

Your girl can never do wrong with accessories. Sometimes all an outfit needs is a great pair of sunglasses or a headband to complete the look. Good thing every kidpik box includes an accessory!


For this look, we added a cute purse, headband, and sunglasses.

Tip #5: Layering

Layering is an easy way to make your look more dynamic and interesting. Even if a classmate has the same piece, she can style it in her own unique way. Jackets, vests, and cardigans are great ways to add dimension to an outfit.


In the first look we added a basic cardigan. These are great layering pieces that can be worn with almost anything. They're perfect for a chilly classroom!


We added a fun denim vest to the second look, to make it more versatile.

Bonus: Confidence is Key

Your girl will always feel like a fashionista when she is confident in what she is wearing. If she feels good, her confidence will radiate through her!