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Transitioning Your Child's Wardrobe to Fall: A Parent's Guide

The first week of fall is upon us, signaling a time of change—not just in the colors of the leaves and the cooling of the air but also in our wardrobes. Gone are the days of shorts, tank tops, and sandals.

Finding Time for You: The Journey of Self-Care and Rediscovery for Moms

Motherhood, in all its beautiful chaos, has a way of consuming our identity. Amid the sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, and countless soccer practices, it's easy to forget the woman who existed before the kids.

The Benefits of Shopping for School Clothes Online with Kidpik

Ah, back-to-school season! We’re spending time getting organized and finding ways to make mornings less stressful. It’s the perfect time to make getting dressed for school as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Quick and Delicious Breakfast Recipes for Busy Mornings

For many families, mornings can be a whirlwind of activity. Between getting ready for work and school, finding time to whip up a nutritious breakfast is often challenging. Yet, starting the day with a wholesome meal is pivotal for your child's growth, ...

The Story Behind Kidpik: Making Back To School Shopping Easier for Parents

“Back-to-school shopping” is a phrase that makes parents and kids feel a few different ways. There’s a mix of both excitement and anticipation as we get organized and plan for a change in routine. That’s why at Kidpik, we didn't invent kids' fashion, we reimagined it.

Blending Fun and Functionality: How to Embrace the New School Year

The dawn of a new school year often brings the rustling of fresh notebooks and the soft hum of school buses. As parents, we're tasked with setting the stage for our kids' school days.

How to Choose The Perfect Outfit for Picture Day with Kidpik

Picture day is a much-anticipated day in the school calendar that has children buzzing with outfit ideas and parents reminiscing about their own school days. When you finally get the photographs back, what do you hope to see?

9 Common Challenges Parents Face While Shopping for or Dressing Their Kids

Dressing up children is both a delight and a dilemma. Those adorable outfits can brighten a parent's day, but the journey to find the right clothes? That could be an adventure. Here's a look at some challenges parents often face and how Kidpik can be the ultimate solution.