But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

November 2018

We have officially entered the age of the selfie, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. What does seem to be coming to an end, though, are the days of the same old boring selfies that the world is SO tired of seeing. Thanks to the fresh minds and imagination of our younger generation, the selfie has taken on a whole new form! Kids use selfies as a way to communicate with their friends, to capture a memory, and to show off their creativity and individuality. A selfie is intended to show the best version of you- it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being UNIQUE!

We’ve come up with some fun and creative tips to assist in your quest of taking the perfect, insta-worthy selfie!

  • Step Outside: Every dedicated selfie taker dreams of the time of day where the sun is just about to set and you get that fabulous dusk-y glow. Natural indirect sunlight makes for the most flattering photos. So just step outside and snap away!

  • Try New Angles and Perspectives: Each of us has a specific angle that we have worked so hard to find, but sometimes the best pictures come from the most unexpected circumstances. Try as many different angles as you can, even the ones that feel awkward! Break out of your comfort zone. Strike that pose that you’ve been too shy to attempt- You’ll never know until you try!  

  • Go On An Adventure: Often times, the focus of the selfie is not actually on you; it’s about what’s going on around you. Switch up your backgrounds! Pose in front of a giant graffiti wall, lie in a field of the greenest grass and take a photo from above, stand in a towering sunflower maze- have fun with it!! Another great option is posing against something very, very simple. For example, a starch white wall. What better way to focus on you in all your beauty?

  • Switch Up Your Wardrobe: What better excuse to switch up your style and throw on some clothes that you wouldn’t normally wear?! Add some colorful pins to your simple jean jacket, or turn your pajamas into a daytime outfit!  Get creative, get crafty, and get colorful!!

  • Think Outside the Box: Run, jump, and laugh uncontrollably. Those who dare to be different often times get the best results! Take candid photos of you and your friends being silly and having fun together. You have your whole life to be serious!

  • Selfie Sticks and Other Tricks: Sometimes it is hard to include everything you that want to see in your selfie, since your distance is limited to the length of your arm. This all changed when the Selfie Stick was created! It makes it possible to take pictures from a greater distance, in turn being able to capture more in one photo!
  • Hand the camera to someone else! It’s still technically a “selfie” and this way you can capture your whole self rather than just your face!


No matter what lighting you are in or which poses you choose, we know your selfie will turn out absolutely fabulous!! Be confident, be bold, be YOU!

How do you take a creative selfie? Tell us in the comments below!