Three Unique and Fun DIY Rainbow Crafts for Little Kids

For today's activity, we're going to be working on fine motor skills, as well as color recognition by creating DIY rainbows! Crafting is a great way to have fun with your little ones while also helping them learn in the process. Teach them all about rainbows while ...

Three Unique and Fun DIY Rainbow Crafts for Little Kids

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For today's activity, we're going to be working on fine motor skills, as well as color recognition by creating DIY rainbows! Crafting is a great way to have fun with your little ones while also helping them learn in the process. Teach them all about rainbows while prepping your craft supplies. We chose three different rainbow crafts for you and your kids to choose from, or spread out throughout the week! Get your art supplies on hand, and get crafting!  


Here's what you'll need: 

  • Window markers in assorted colors  
  • Finger paint in assorted colors 
  • Cardboard (maybe your kidpik box!) 
  • Pencil 
  • Hot glue gun  
  • Rainbow color construction paper 
  • Rainbow color pompoms
  • Rainbow color buttons
  • Rainbow color beads
  • Rainbow color tissue paper, crepe paper, and pipe cleaner
  • Scissors

Girl painting rainbow on window

We have a sneaky feeling your kids have been waiting for this moment. For our first rainbow craft, they'll get to draw on the windows! Luckily for you, they make markers that are specifically designed to be used on the window, and we'll be using those for this DIY. Teach the kids the colors of the rainbow, and then let them draw their own! We recommend making sure no other markers are nearby during this craft time. 

Girl painting rainbow with fingerpaints

Looking to get a bit messier? Try some finger paint! Start by grabbing a piece of cardboard. We recommend using your kidpik box! Using a pencil, draw the shape of a rainbow, and then get your paints ready! If you're looking to contain the amount of mess, you can always swap your fingers for a paintbrush.  

Girl making craft rainbow

For our final rainbow craft, we'll be creating a bit of abstract art! Start by sorting your items out by color. We recommend adding pompoms, crepe paper, pipe cleaner, and tissue paper. This is a great activity for the littles ones to improve their color recognition. Next, take a piece of giant cardboard and draw a rainbow on it. Very carefully cut your rainbow out. Now that you have the base of your rainbow, lay out the assorted items to fill in each bar. With adult supervision, glue your items down. Let the glue cool, and hang it up on your wall!  


Total time: 1 hour  


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