Influencer Girls who are kidpik Fans!

Influencer Girls who are Kidpik fans! [Txunamy] Txunamy @txunamy Txunamy is loved by millions of her fans or ‘Txunamynators’. She has been a kidpik fan since she had 200K followers, and that’s going WAAY back!! She was the first influencer girl to style her very own kidpik fashion box for ...

Influencer Girls who are kidpik Fans!

 Influencer girl group in kidpik outfits

Txunamy with a kidpik subscription box

Txunamy @txunamy 

Txunamy is loved by millions of her fans or ‘Txunamynators’. She has been a kidpik fan since she had 200K followers, and that’s going WAAY back!! She was the first influencer girl to style her very own kidpik fashion box for her fans—and kidpik fans.  We love seeing the stylish outfits she posts with her Mom @esthalla, her sister @solageortiz, and the entire Familia Diamond.  

Clements Twins group

Ava Marie and Leah Rose @clementstwins

Ava Marie and Leah Rose of the Clements Twins have been called the "world’s most beautiful twins.” When they came to the kidpik showroom in NYC for an impromptu photo shoot, we discovered they are super nice and real professionals, too! They even invited their friends Taylor Lia, Savy Monroe, and Zooey Miyoshi, to join them for a kidpik photo shoot in California where all the girls opened their kidpik boxes on social, and posed together in their favorite kidpik outfits!

Elliana in kidpik clothes 

Elliana Walmsley @ellianawalmsley_

Our next kidpik fan is a dancer whose moves and outfits are taking the world by storm! Elliana is truly one of the most talented young dancers in the world.  We’re simply blown away by the range of her talent.   We were super excited when she styled her own kidpik gift box from kidpik’s holiday collection last year.  You might have seen her on TV in Dance Moms or Dancing with the Stars Juniors.  She landed the role of Clara in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, so we’ll look forward to seeing her at the kidpik showroom this fall.  Bravo, Elliana!

Elina Agamirza in a kidpik dress

Elina Agamirza @elinaagamirza

Elina is the always beautiful model and mini-fashionista who is frequently seen in kidpik.  This influencer was a semi-finalist of MasterChef Junior, and she is also an actor.  She’s certainly one to watch and we couldn’t be happier she is a kidpik fan!

  Alyssa jumping for joy while wearing kidpik

Alyssa Cheatham @alyssacheatham

This super talented actress, model and recording artist is one of kidpik’s most loyal fans.  Alyssa appeared with Will Smith in the film Collateral Beauty and has many other film and TV roles on her growing list of projects, giving her plenty of opportunities to wear kidpik on the red carpet!  It’s always a treat to have a kidpik photo shoot with Alyssa.  We’re in awe of her talent and in love with her million wat smile!  

 Girl in kidpik dress

Sicily Rose @sicily.rose

Sicily Rose is a beautiful teen influencer and model.  She recently did a kidpik box opening from this summer’s collection with kidpik’s swimsuits, denim shorts, lacey tops and more, and her fans absolutely loved it!  She’s a real California beauty and we love her LA/young supermodel style.   

 Girl on a kidpik clothing subscription box

Lia @mylittlelovelia

Fashion influencers and kidpik fans come in all ages.  We were delighted when lovely Lia shared her kidpik holiday gift box with her followers.  She is sharing her account now with her adorable sister Maya, so watch kidpik’s social to see both of these darling sisters in kidpik’s fall and holiday fashion. 

 Alessandra with a kidpik subscription box 

Alessandra @babyalessandra3

Alessandra is a model and minifashionista who loves ballet and gymnastics.  Above, she is all smiles in a dress from her kidpik summer vacation box that came with 4 pre-styled outfits including a bathing suit, sandals, sunglasses and a bracelet.  She looked adorable and summer ready sharing all the looks with her followers. 

 Girl in kidpik styled outfit

Gia @tinymissfashion

Gia is a mini fashion model with great style.  We love seeing her head-to-toe in kidpik as seen above.  She called this look from kidpik “fabulous” and we certainly agree!

Maya in personalized kidpik outfits 

Maya Le Clark @mayaleclark & Olivia Clark @oliviaclark2008

Any young girl who watches Nickelodeon will immediately recognize this Kidpik fan who played Chloe on The Thundermans. Maya Le Clark and her sister, Olivia Clark, have been kidpik supporters for many seasons.  They open kidpik boxes for their fans, holdcontests, and have even posted an impromptu kidpik fashion show for their followers.  Kidpik is proud to support the Girl Uplifters Team (G.U.T.), the organization supporting positivity and empowerment that Maya and Olivia founded with the help of their mom, Aimee Clark.  Learn more on the Girl Uplifters’ mission here

Ella with a kidpik fashion box 

Ella @missellasophie & Ava @itsawesomeava

Ella and her sister Ava (seen below) are the daughters of Michelle Blashka, the talent behind the account @lehoarder.   They are NYC girls who are lucky enough to accompany their stylish mom to so many fashion events, including  runway shows for New York Fashion Week at times!  Ella and Ava have their own style, but they like twinning, too! You may feel like you’re seeing double, as Ava and Ella often feature each other in their posts.  Like her sister, Ava loves incorporating playful pieces into her daily outfits and is a big fan of Kidpik. Though the sisters often coordinate their outfits, they each put their own spin on things. 

 Ava in pink kidpik outfit

We’re thrilled that all of these beautiful and talented girls love to share kidpik with their followers. A million thanks to all of them for being kidpik fans!

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