A Monthly Clothing Box That Fits Kids Style: 12 Fashion Clothes For Every Personality Type

A monthly clothing box tailored to your girl’s personality can boost your girl’s confidence and make fashion and clothing so much more fun. Find out the 4 different personality types and get cool outfit ideas to suit your girl!

A Monthly Clothing Box That Fits Kids Style: 12 Fashion Clothes For Every Personality Type

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Choosing clothes for your girl is easy…when they’re two and under! But as your girl grows and you get to know her personality, finding her clothes can get a little more challenging—and also a LOT more fun.

So, what do you do when your kids grow, and their personality, interests, and fashion sense change and evolve, too?  

Here’s the quick answer: it’s the perfect time to get them onto a monthly clothing box. Not just because it’ll help you keep up with their growth spurts, but because they can start to explore their unique style and make choices about what they want to wear. Because that’s where it all begins when you sign up for a kidpik box: figuring out your girl’s style!

We always kick things off with our fun quiz to help figure out your girl’s personality type. Then we translate that into fashion and clothing she’s going to love! Your girl’s stylist picks and packs her monthly clothing box with 3 outfits that are totally her style.   

Curious about the different personality types? We’ve described our four fashion styles below to help you figure out which one your girl might be, and the types of outfits she’s most likely to love and wear over and over again.

What’s Your Girl’s Fashion Style?

So, what’s your girl’s style like? And what kinds of fashion clothes are best suited to her personality? Check out these 12 cute outfits for girls across all four style personalities, to help your girl easily put together her new favorite outfit.

Classic Cool Styling 🕶

Classic girls reach for clothes that are always in fashion. They’re practical, smart girls who love to look sophisticated, chic, and timeless. Whether it’s color blocking, classic patterns, tailored pieces, or versatile accessories, classically cool girls are the best at creating infinite outfits from just a few classic pieces. Here are 3 outfit ideas for classically cool chicks:

  1. Weekend neutrals

Weekends are for fun and relaxing, and so is your girl’s go-to weekend outfit! Pair a simple denim dress with a cross-body bag and camel sandals. Your girl’s ready for a trip to the farmers’ markets, the mall, or a friend’s house.  

  1. Day-to-night urban chic

Classically cool girls are all about that versatility and they love a look that can take them from a casual day to a dressier night. The perfect answer? A navy hi-low dress with neutral flats or ankle boots. Just add a jacket and swap her sunglasses for a statement necklace. It’ll take her outfit up a notch and instantly make her ready for an evening out.

  1. Sailor girl vibes

Does your girl love striped patterns? She’ll love the always stylish nautical look. She can slip into her favorite pair of white shorts or jeans, with a white and navy striped tee. Add espadrille shoes and a wide-brimmed hat for a look that’s perfect for the beach or town.

Girly Glam Fashion 🌸

Girly glam is fashion for the girly girls. You know, the girls who love all things pink, pastel, bows, and flowers. These girls are super sweet, but they also love to show off their sassy side in their clothing styles. Here are 3 outfit ideas (inspired by recent kidpik monthly clothes boxes) for your girly girl:

  1. Dreamy days

A girl’s got dreams and the perfect daytime outfit to match. Slide into a floral gathered pink skirt. Then pair it with a super soft pastel green jean jacket. Add a simple white headband and some ankle boots, and your girl is ready for anything.

  1. Dressed up delight

Every girly girl loves a dress that’s made for twirling! With a floral pattern, sweet button-down cardigan, and sparkly ankle strap shoes, she’ll be dressed to impress, no matter what the event. Perfect for birthday parties, evening dinners, or a trip to the theater.

  1. Everyday sweetness

Your girl will love floating about in a blush-colored lacy top paired with light blue skinny jeans. Add some flats and she’s got she can wear comfortably at home or look cute in at school.

Trendista Fashionista 👢

Trendy girls are all about the bold colors, patterns, and on-trend looks. They’re mega confident in their ability to pull off unique combinations and love to accessorize. They’re the girls who announce themselves when they walk in the room. They say, “I’m here!!!” not just with their larger than life personalities, but with their awesome style. So, what does a trendy gal wear these days? Here are 3 super cute outfit ideas for your trendy girl:

  1. Skinny pop

Everyone loves a good pair of skinny jeans. But trendistas will take this style one step further with bright colors! Pair them with a printed tee and hi-top sneakers and your girl’s all set. There’s no losing this one in a crowd!

  1. Statement top

Why not let your girl’s t-shirt do all the talking (for once)? Embrace this cool style trend with a slogan tee that matches your girl’s confident attitude. Tuck it into a denim button down skirt, add a cropped jacket, and she’s ready to take on the world. (She already was, but now she looks the part, too!)

  1. You shiny thing

Where there’s a trendista, there’s sure to be glitter, metallics, and all sorts of shiny things. She’ll love wearing her glitter sneakers with everything, especially her sequined, comfy skater dress for an extra dose of shine! This girl’s ready to party…or just do her chores in style.

Always Active Outfits 👟

She’s the girl who loves to move nonstop, whether it’s dancing, playing, running, swimming, gymnastics, or team sports. So, what’s a sporty girl love to wear these days? It’s all about finding that sweet spot between fashion that is cute and comfortable to move in (at least, that’s our philosophy when our stylists pack monthly clothes boxes for sporty girls). And luckily, there are so many fashion options for the always active girl, like these 3 outfit ideas:

  1. Got the moves

When your girl’s got an active day planned, it calls for activewear! Match her go-to pair of patterned tights with comfortable lace-up sneakers. Top it off with an inspirational printed tee with her favorite mantra—"strong,” “girls rule,” and “no fear” are all winners!

  1. Too cool for the pool

Sporty girls love dresses, too! Skater dresses are perfect because they’re so easy to move around in. Add leggings and a hoodie for a cooler weather look, then throw on a pair of patterned slip-on canvas shoes.

  1. Places to go, people to see

When your girl’s got a big day ahead and wants to wear something super cute and fun, start with a cute sequin embellished tee. Pair it with a straight denim skirt, white baseball cap, and glittery sneakers and your girl is good to go!

Think Outside the Box!

You’ve got 4 styles to pick from, with a total of 12 outfits to inspire you, but don’t let that limit your girl’s fashion choices. There aren’t any rules here—except that you need to feel good and have lots of fun!

So, encourage your girl to think outside the (fashion) box! If she’s not feeling sure about what fashion is right for her, here’s what you might say:

Don’t feel boxed in by a certain personality type or fashion style

Don’t get in a fashion rut

Don’t be afraid to try something new

DO be open to trying on new styles  

DO be open to your style changing and evolving as you grow and change

DO match your outfit to what you’re doing and how you’re feeling each day

Luckily, thinking outside the box is exactly what we do with our monthly clothing box! Because even though our stylists pick clothes that fit with your girl’s personality, there’s bound to be a few surprises and styles she’s never tried before. But more often than not, these will turn out to be her new favorites! It’s just one reason why a monthly clothes box is so much more fun, exciting, and practical than just popping over to the mall.

Get Fashion You 💛 In A Personalized Monthly Clothing Box

You guessed it! kidpik is the girl’s monthly clothing box for all your kid's fashion needs. It’ll help your girl feel more confident in who she is, her unique personality, and maybe even inspire her to try new outfits!  

And the best bit is, you can choose a monthly clothes box, or get one delivered every second month, or once every season. Plus, you can start, pause, or cancel your subscription any time you want. We’re flexible with whatever suits you.

Start your monthly clothing box subscription today!

What’s Your Girl’s Style?

Let us know YOUR girl’s style (plus her favorite outfit combo) in the comments below!  

Psst! If you’re not sure what your girl’s unique style is (whether girly, classic, trendy, or sporty), sign up for an account. Your girl can do our super fun quiz to find out her style. Then her stylist can start putting together a monthly clothes box full of outfits that are perfect for her.

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