How Many Clothes Should a Kid Have?

Your kids' clothing collection depends on their age and how busy the family is. With frequent accidents, newborn babies need to have an extensive clothing collection. On the other hand, toddlers need more variety than quantity in their wardrobes. School-going kids need to have all types of outfits styled with ...

How Many Clothes Should a Kid Have?

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Your kids' clothing collection depends on their age and how busy the family is. With frequent accidents, newborn babies need to have an extensive clothing collection. On the other hand, toddlers need more variety than quantity in their wardrobes.  

School-going kids need to have all types of outfits styled with everything from pants to jackets and even hats. The minimal kids' wardrobe is the best idea for a growing child at home. Working moms often find it challenging to wash dozens of dirty clothes. Therefore, keeping the kids' closet with fewer clothes helps them sort out the wardrobe efficiently.  

What are the essentials? 

Here’s a list of essentials your child's wardrobe must definitely include. 



Polo shirts 


Long-sleeved shirts 

Short sleeves shirts 

Walking shoes 







Rain boots 


Should you buy clothes in every color? 

Piling all colors in a child's wardrobe will only take up space. Many children have their favorite colors. Instead of taking up space with different colored pants or trousers, let your child pick their favorite colors and mix them with other tops. It saves tons of space and gives kids the joy of choosing their outfits.  

How much clothes should a newborn wardrobe have? 

Since newborns experience more accidents, they require more clothing. Because they have a more significant number of dirty clothes, keeping some spare garments is essential. Following are some must-haves for babies:  

5-10 sleepers 

1-2 party outfits  

5-10 onesies 

baby socks 

baby shoes 

A lot of the clothing depends on the weather. If your kid is a winter baby, then you must include sweaters, beanies, and mittens in their wardrobes.  

How much clothes should a toddler wardrobe have? 

As children grow older, their requirements change. As a toddler, your child may need different kinds of clothes. Instead of storing kids' capsule wardrobes with unlimited clothes, sorting them out according to their needs is better. Following is the list of clothes your child's wardrobe must-have.  

5-10 t-shirts 

3-8 pants 

8 pairs of socks  

2-3 pairs of shoes  

3 dressy outfits 

Once again, you can add winter clothes for cold weather. 

How much clothes should a child's wardrobe have? 

As children reach school-going ages, the number of clothing is different. Moms often separate their school clothes from daily wear. Similarly, the number of clothes for weekends/ parties also differ. Let us look at the older kids' closet.  

8 - 10 tops 

5 -7 pants 

Dresses with leggings/t-shirts with pants 

3 leggings (for girls) 

4 tights (for girls) 

4 party dresses  

10 pairs of socks 

10 underwear 

4 pair of shoes(party wear, casual, sneakers) 

Why do kids' need fewer clothes? 

Kids outgrow clothes 

Kids tend to grow out of their clothes pretty quickly. Hence, filling up their wardrobe with various dresses is a waste of space and money. With a wide range of collections, children often do not get to wear some of the dresses kept in their closets. They usually have outgrown clothes stored in their wardrobes. It is one of the significant reasons we stress storing fewer clothing sets.  

Excessive laundry 

If you have too many clothing items for your kids, you spend more time keeping them clean. With a wide range of clothes comes a massive pile of dirty clothing. With busy schedules, moms do not find time daily to wash clothes. These pile up and become a headache every week. Too many clothes may become too draining. Keeping a set for daily wear plus 3 party dresses is enough for kids.  

Match and mix  

Your kids' closet cannot store every color. Buy neutral colors. Mix and match them with colorful shirts to maximize their clothes. It helps develop style and matching outfits to in turn make you buy fewer clothes but have more variety. 

How to save on kids' clothes? 

New moms often fail to realize the amount of time and money they can save on a child's clothes. Here, we have some practical ways to save on kids' clothes. 

Instead of rebuying the entire collection, you can always reuse some clothing items for your next child.  

Sort the extra clothes to find the useful ones and discard the ones that have worn out.  

Shop off-season. You may find some lovely sets of clothes at reasonable prices. You may not find the right clothing size always. If you find a bigger size, buy it and keep it later. 

What are the essential reminders for kids' clothing? 

Here, we have some important reminders for moms to help sort their kids' clothes. 

Separate kids' playtime and school clothes. 

Wash kids' clothes with a mild detergent so they last longer. 

Always buy quality products for special occasions especially.  

If you do not know the right size, buy a bigger size and use it later. 

Mix and match clothes instead of filling up the closet with all the colors.  

What are the benefits of a minimal children's wardrobe? 

There are numerous benefits of storing fewer clothes in kids' closets. Let us look at the benefits of a minimal child's closet.  

You require less storage space. Use the remaining space to store clothes for the next season.  

You do not have piles of dirty clothes. Fewer clothes mean less laundry and fewer folding clothes. 

Saves money. 

Easy to store and sort.  


The Bottom Line 

Although kids' stores always appeal more than an adult stores, new moms often find kids clothing intimidating, and they end up buying a few extra pieces. However, storing these clothes becomes a hassle. 

Since kids' grow faster, buying a massive collection of clothing is a waste of money. It is wiser to buy fewer but good quality clothes, durable and stylish.  


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