Kika Rocha and her daughter Victoria are kidpik fans!

August 2017
Fashion and beauty expert Kika Rocha shared with us these lovely photos of her daughter Victoria wearing kidpik in Colombia. Kika has been spending quite a bit of time in her native Colombia this summer. Follow her @kikarocha_ on Instagram to see her posts on Colombian fashion, artisanal crafts, and more from her beautiful country.

Victoria in kidpik

"I am a fan of Kidpik and all the magical fashionable possibilities it offers to girls of every age to dress according to their very own taste and personalities," Kika says. "My daughter Victoria, who is a very "girlie" girl, loved her box and every item that came with it -- from her sandals to her jeans and dresses. I wish I could fit into the clothes and shoes! Kidpik is stylish, trendy and FUN!"

Victoria loves kidpik

Unboxing fun with Mamas Latinas

"Victoria was thrilled to receive, open and enjoy her kidpik box," Kika continued. "She has been wearing her clothes, shoes and accessories all summer and is looking forward to the fall collection!

"Victoria disfruto recibir y abrir su caja de Kidpik con su ropa, calzado y accesorios. Los ha lucido durante todo el verano y espera pronto la coleccion de otono con todas las tendencias de la nueva temporada."

"We [?][?][?][?] Kidpik!"

Kika Rocha and Tania Chaidez had fun presenting kidpik to the Mamas Latinas Facebook Live audience

In July, Kika presented kidpik's summer fashion to the Facebook Live audience of Mamas Latinas, introducing kidpik to tens of thousands of new viewers. Watch kidpik's social channels in September for a new series of Facebook Live events with Kika Rocha, presenting kidpik's fall fashion for girls.