Virtual Field Trip to Buck Island Reef National Park

Hello kids! Welcome back to another virtual adventure where you can have fun and learn without having to travel. We know how difficult it can get to manage school and traveling together. Today's tour is an exciting trip for all the kids wishing to be scuba divers and those who ...

Virtual Field Trip to Buck Island Reef National Park

coral reef and sealife

Hello kids! Welcome back to another virtual adventure where you can have fun and learn without having to travel. We know how difficult it can get to manage school and traveling together. Today's tour is an exciting trip for all the kids wishing to be scuba divers and those who enjoy sea life. Put on your favorite swim by kidpik and get ready to explore the world underwater. 

Today, we'll be learning about the Buck Island Reef National Park located in Virgin Islands, USA.  The 176-acre island was established in 1961 to preserve one of the finest marine gardens in the Caribbean Sea. A coral reef is an ecosystem built underwater by reef-building corals. Due to their appearance, snorkelers and scuba divers love to visit marine regions with coral reefs. Click here to take a virtual tour of the park.  

The National Park at Buck Island is a coral reef park, meaning that it is beneath the water. How amazing it is to have a park under the sea! Also called the scuba heaven, the underwater reef national park is home to numerous colorful tropical fish, rays, and vibrant coral reefs. The endangered hawksbill turtle can also be sometimes found along the coastline.  

Rent a boat to get to the island and enjoy the gorgeous glare of the sun and dive deep into the sea. Diving into the water, you can see corals with orangey golden hues. Stingrays, sea turtles, pelicans, and sharks make their home in the reef.  

The park has different corals and sections in the Buck Island National Reef, labeled for identification by scuba divers. The number of marine species is uncountable and versatile. Staghorn and boulder-sized brain corals are also among the inhabitants of Buck Island Reef. The marine oasis's health is monitored regularly by the National Park Service through fish counts, coral assessments, and tracking the turtles.  

Oh, the glowing water surrounding the island is nothing less than priceless jewels. The water covering the hidden treasure of sea creatures is mesmerizing. Sunset combined with the bioluminescence of the water creates an incredible majesty. It is open for visitors all year long, and people discover the species they have known but not seen.   

We are sure that you must have enjoyed watching the video and learning new things about coral reefs and marine life. You’ve also learned how important it is to take care of the natural resources around us that are gifts for us.  Buck Island is a gorgeous underwater national park and being maintained to preserve the gift of nature.  

When you go to the beach in your kidpik swimwear, always put on sunscreen to save yourself from sunburn. Using a sun protectant with the least chemicals will also help keep the beaches healthy! 

kids coral reef craft

Once you finish your virtual tour of the reef, it’s time to create your own! We love this craft from The Craft Train that uses materials you may already have around the house, like an egg carton. The kids will love choosing their favorite fish to live in the reef. Once the reef is completed, have fun naming all the fish together. 

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