Kids' Fall Fashion Trends & Tips

Kids' fall fashion trends and tips. The weather's crisping up and cooling down... the leaves are turning golden, and the kids are headed back to school. Yep - it's fall! And that means it's time for us to release the kidpik guide to all things fall fashion!

Kids' Fall Fashion Trends & Tips

Your guide to kids' fall fashion trends and tips for clothes, outfits and more.

The weather's crisping up and cooling down... the leaves are turning golden, and the kids are headed back to school. Yep - it's fall! And that means it's time for us to release the kidpik guide to all things fall fashion!

This guide includes our best tips to build your girl's wardrobe this season and style the cutest fall outfits for girls.

We've included everything from back-to-school basics and transitioning from summer to fall outfits to style trends to look out for. It's the only fall guide to kids' fashion you'll need to read!

Back to School Fashion Essentials

The start of fall means back-to-school time, which is the perfect reminder to check if your girl has all the basic clothing essentials.

Some of her favorite school outfits from before summer probably need a refresh - thanks to cooler weather, summer growth spurts, and new trends.

Expect to add at least a few new tops, a pair or two of long pants, a new pair of shoes, and a jacket she can mix and match for school.

Of course, the most important part of school fashion is helping your girl feel confident and comfortable. That way, she can focus on doing her best in school while reading her favorite books in the library, completing homework, or playing with friends - without worrying about her clothes.

Tips to Transition Kids' Fashion to Fall

Just because it's fall doesn't mean you need a whole new wardrobe.

You can easily transition your girl's favorite pieces into the new season with a few simple hacks.

That way, she'll get some new (and warmer) outfit options for fall without needing to spend too much on new clothes.

Here are a few tweaks you can make to help transition her clothes to fall...

Favorite summer dress = favorite fall dress (with a pair of leggings)

Cute summer top = cute fall top (with a comfy long-sleeve shirt underneath)

Twirly beachy skirt = sweet fall skirt (with leggings and a cardigan to stay cozy)

Comfy flip-flops... maybe store these in your closet for late spring and bring out the high tops instead!

Fall Trends for Kids' Fashion

Now let's get into the fall trends and take a look at what's hot right now. We're SUPER excited because there's so much to love about this year's fall trends, and they look really cute in kids' fashion! We've broken down the trends into different categories, like colors/textures and different wardrobe essentials, to make it easy to see where you can build on your girl's 2018 fall wardrobe.

Girl in kidpik clothing outfit

Fall Prints and Patterns

This year, we've seen stripes start to make way for more detailed prints and florals, plus your classic ginghams and checks. You'll also see more embroidered features and details on a lot of items, especially combined with denim. Which brings us to the next trend...

Trendy Tops and Shirts

There are some really interesting shapes in kids' fashion right now, especially when it comes to tops. Crop tops and off-the-shoulder style are both still very much on-trend, but we've also started to see plenty of bell or trumpet sleeves and flutter sleeves. Basically, we're seeing a mix of 90s fashion and hippie styles all at once, which means you've got so much to choose from. Another trend with shirts is the oversized look, where your shirt is almost a short dress. These are perfect to wear over tights for comfy, everyday style.

Dresses and Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are still so in right now, so if you've been holding out, there's still time to get in on this cute and comfy trend. Go with long trouser legs and sleeves for your fall jumpsuit, or layer it with a shirt underneath. Speaking of layers... layered dresses are totally on trend as well, so pop a block-color shirt on underneath your favorite summer dresses and you can wear them all through the cooler weather.

Pants and Skirts

When it comes to pants, it's all about comfort this fall. Sporty leggings are always in fashion - and you don't even have to exercise to wear them (seriously!). High-waist pants are also cool right now (hey mom, great news, right?) and so are bell bottom jeans. This flare style translates through to skirts as well, because twirly skirts that flare out are super on-trend. So are skater skirts, which are a fit-and-flare style that sit above the knee.


Of course, we can't talk about kids' fashion for fall without covering coats and jackets. Long coats and blazers are both trending for this fall 2018, but the key here is... cozy textures, bright colors, and interesting prints. Quirky is mega cute, so now's a great time to find a coat that's totally you!

Fall Accessories

Finally, let's talk accessories - your outfit isn't complete without them! When it comes to bags and shoes... bright, loud, and sparkly are hot right now. So don't hold back - break out the bright colors, crazy patterns, and shiny accessories you've always wanted to wear and make a statement.

Girls blowing bubbles

Fall Must-Haves That Are Always On Trend

If you're feeling a tad overwhelmed by all the trends, don't worry. You don't need to follow them all (or any of them, really). There are only a few actual "must have" items for fall... and they don't tend to change much from year to year, which means they're a good investment and you'll get a lot of wear out of them. Here are the kids' fashion essentials we suggest for your girl's fall wardrobe:

    • Fashion sneakers - a pair of comfortable kicks can really pull together your outfit (bonus: they go with pants AND dresses alike!)

    • Denim - a timeless classic for fall, denim can be dressed up or down for any occasion

    • Belt Bags - the must-have accessory this season, belt bags are perfect for keeping your essentials at arm's reach

    • Jackets - the right jacket will take nearly any outfit from cool to comfortable

Mom's Corner

Hey moms! This little piece of the blog is JUST for you.

The thing is, we know this time of year can be especially hectic. Running around, getting school supplies sorted, trying to get out of summer break mode and back into everyday life.

If going to the mall AGAIN to try to coordinate outfits or a capsule wardrobe for your girl sounds like torture right now, you'll love kidpik.

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Yep. That's it! We'll take care of the rest. But in case you're wondering, here's what happens behind the scenes...

We'll run your girl through a fun quiz to figure out what she loves.

Then our stylists will personalize her outfits with 7 cute items that make three mix and match outfits which are totally on-trend.

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You'll have 7 days for your girl to try everything out, then you can send back anything you don't love for free (even the whole box if you want!). You get clothes your girl will love, without the hassle!

Ready to do kids' fashion the fun and easy way?

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