Virtual Mother's Day Brunch

With plans for a special Mother’s Day brunch at Mom’s favorite restaurant on hold, the next best thing is creating a special day at home full of fun surprises, pretty things, and of course, an extra delicious meal! We’re rounding up some of our favorite ideas for how to create ...

Virtual Mother's Day Brunch

May 2020

With plans for a special Mother’s Day brunch at Mom’s favorite restaurant on hold, the next best thing is creating a special day at home full of fun surprises, pretty things, and of course, an extra delicious  meal!   

We’re rounding up some of our favorite ideas for how to create a special Mother’s Day brunch at home and to connect virtually with the other moms in your life.   

These crafts and recipes are easy to execute (the kids can help!) and  Mom will definitely feel the love with these thoughtful gestures and fun treats and activities!   

First, we're going to make mom a card! These paper flowers are easy to make, and will look perfect on the front of your card. Leave her a note inside to let her know how much you love her!

Virtual Mother's Day Brunch

Get crafty with your table setting! Have the kids set the table and arrange their creations. They can even take some flower petals from the garden and arrange them around the plates.  

Virtual Mother's Day Brunch

You can’t go wrong with pancakes for a family brunch. We love these whole wheat banana pancakes from Flourishing Foodie. They’re easy to make, so the kids will have no problem helping out. Make them in your favorite shapes for added fun! Serve the pancakes with assorted fruit for toppings – but don’t forget the maple syrup!  

Virtual Mother's Day Brunch

Now it’s time to get ready to connect with your friends and family. First, choose a platform that everyone has access to. Zoom and FaceTime are great for virtually connecting with our favorite people, but we love House Party too! You can play games right within the app. Set your device up at the head of the table, so everyone can be on camera. Prop it up on top of a few books, so your family can be at eye level with you. We recommend making sure it’s in a well-lit area so everyone is seen. Natural lighting is always the best! Make sure to share these tips with Grandma, so you can see her too.  

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Mother and daughter

Mom does everything for us every day of the year, and with these ideas and helpful tips, you can make sure her day is extra special (just like her), while spending it at home.   

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