Trendy Summer Outfits for Tweens

Summer is the time to refresh your tween girls' wardrobe and outfits with trendy summer styles. With sun and fun on the way, we have a guide for all your summer fashion needs for girls! This guide includes our top tips for building a tween wardrobe perfect for summer.

Trendy Summer Outfits for Tweens

Summer is in session! Which means it’s time to refresh your tween girls' wardrobe with trendy summer styles. With sun and fun on the way, we have a guide for all your summer fashion needs! 

This guide includes our top tips for building a wardrobe perfect for summer. We include everything from fashion must-haves to fun accessories and trendy prints.  

Most Popular Summer Trends for Tween Girls’ Fashion

Summer colors are vibrant and full of life and tween girls’ styles should reflect these brighter, livelier colors and patterns. To make it easy, we’ve broken down the most popular summer trends for tweens into different categories, like colors/patterns and different wardrobe must-haves to easily build your tween girl’s Summer wardrobe. 

Here are a few of the most popular trends for the summer…  

Summer Style Print, Patterns and Designs

 Tween in summer outfit

The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing and matching your tween girls summer wardrobe. This summer, bright bold colors are trending along with floral printstie diesplaid, polka dots, graphic tees, and animal prints or textured fabrics, like lace, broderie, and smocking. Use plain highlight color tops or bottoms to compliment any outfit 

Trendy Tops, Tanks and Shirts

 Tween in summer clothes

Tank tops and sleeveless shirts are not only comfortable tween girls, but there are so many different cute colorful tops and shirts to choose from!  Keep things interesting by mixing and matching or layering breathable pieces for those summer months. Swing, ruffle, lace and ribbed tops are popular styles for the summer 

Trending styles include the spaghetti strap blouse and denim cut tops, sure to keep a tween girl feeling cute and girly. These cute tween outfits are comfortable, snug and versatile enough for fun & play. 

One Pieces, Summer Dresses, Skirt & Shorts

 Tweens in kidpik summer outfits

Fashion experts have always given the thumbs up for summer dressesfrilly or straight skirts and the always necessary pair of summer shorts in its assorted styles and colors. 

The cold shoulder dress, t-shirt dress, ruffle sleeve, crotchet swing, and drop waist tank are also trending for the summer. If flexible movement is needed, pairing up a dress or skirt with spanks or summer shorts beneath will do the trick. 

Summer Accessories for Tweens

 kidpik summer shoes

Accessorizing dresses, jumpsuits or t-shirt dresses with a belt adds the right amount of personality. Accessorize her hair to match accordingly with floral print, striped, polka dotted, or brightly colored summer clothes. 

With the suns UV rays in full force, wear a trendy summer hat to keep your skin protected. Neon, bright, and warmer colors are all the rave during the summer months. They match well with any outfit and help protect against sunburns.   

Sunglasses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  They are not only perfect for completing a tween summer outfit, but also protect sensitive eyes from the summer sun. Aviator sunglasses have not only stood the test of time but have adapted with fashion over the years. A pair of colorful and trendy sunglasses go great with all summer tween styles.   

Trendy open-toed shoes have endless styles and do well in the hot summer months. Glitterleather, and straps are in this summer. Strappy sandal styles stay snug on the foot for active movement, adds cushion and stays breathable in hot weather.  

Summer Must-Haves That Are Always On Trend

Shirts and shorts are a must-have for tween girl during the summer season. Sleeveless shirts, tank tops or regular graphic tees are the most sensible piece of attire for summer. Tween girls also need shorts, a lot of shorts. From tattered to neon or even floral or striped prints, shorts are the most comfortable bottoms for summer living.  

Summer is all about color. Keep it colorful, light and loose fitting. During warmer months, dark colors will soak up rays of sun and overheat the body. Wearing loose-fitting, brighter clothes is a sure shot way to reflect the sun’s rays and keep cool and breezy. 

Mom's Corner

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