Packing the Perfect Girl's Wardrobe by Summer Destination Locations
June 2019

Summer is right around the corner, and that means vacation time is near! Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a lake, the mountains, or city, choosing the right outfit for your girl will ensure that she’s confident and comfortable wherever the family may go. With kidpik clothing subscription boxes ...

10 Fashion Tips to Keep in Mind for Summer with our Clothing Subscription Boxes
June 2019

Summer is quickly approaching! Whether your girl loves to play outside, hang with friends, or cool down by the pool, kidpik’s clothing subscription boxes are full of trendy, comfortable outfits for any occasion. Check out these 10 tips for assembling the perfect summer outfits!

Four of the Best Summer Colors for Your Little Girl
June 2019

Stay ahead of the curve and have your daughter wearing the most fashionable summer colors before all her friends. kidpik clothing subscription boxes will keep your daughter cool and colorful all summer long. kidpik is an easy solution and a fun way to stay on trend as the seasons change, and to introduce more color into your little girl's wardrobe.

Our 11 Favorite School to Play Outfits for Girls
May 2019

Whether it’s a trip to the park, the mall, or a visit to the ice cream parlor, choosing the right outfits for your girl will ensure she’s comfortable whether at school or at play. But when you’re a busy parent, it can be tricky to know which outfits for girls ...

Celebrating kidpik's 3rd Birthday!
April 2019

It’s kidpik’s 3 rd birthday and we’re so excited to be celebrating throughout the month of March! Over the past few years, kidpik has grown up with thousands of girls and we have loved seeing everyone show off their style, flourish with self-confidence, and create magical bonding moments with moms, ...

kidpik Named #1 in the 2019 Reader's Choice Awards!
April 2019

The best kids’ clothing subscription box has been announced – kidpik! Find out why kidpik made it to #1 then see how you can get started with our 100% risk-free subscription box.

Subscription Boxes and More: 8 Gifts for Grandkids that Don't Require a Stamp
April 2019

Are you a grandparent looking for ways to connect with your grandkids from a distance? If you can’t be there to give your grandchild a hug and a gift in person, what’s the next best way to connect? With a cool gift delivered, of course! As a grandparent, you're always ...

A Week in the Life of a kidpik Monthly Clothes Subscription Box
April 2019

What exactly do you get in a monthly clothes subscription box? How can it possibly get your girl through an entire week or month of activities? A clothing subscription is so much more than the clothing and accessories… the right clothing box helps make your day-to-day life a whole lot ...