18 Springtime Fashion Tips for Girls

18 Springtime Fashion Tips for Girls. The sun is out, the birds are singing, there’s a sweet scent of pollen in the air…it must be Spring! With the arrival of Spring, we’ve got lovely warmer weather coming (finally) and some gorgeous new kids’ fashion trends,

18 Springtime Fashion Tips for Girls

The sun is out, the birds are singing, there’s a sweet scent of pollen in the air…it must be Spring! 

With the arrival of Spring, we’ve got lovely warmer weather coming (finally) and some gorgeous new kids’ fashion trends, so it’s time to transition your Winter 2018 fashion into Spring! So, let’s go through the trends you need to be on the look out for, different pieces your girl will love, and tips to help get her outfits ready for warmer weather while the nights are still cool. 

Springtime Kids’ Fashion Tips & Outfits for Girls 

Ready to roll into spring in style? Here are 18 tips to help you incorporate Spring’s best kids’ fashion trends into springtime outfits for your girl.  

1. Begin with Basics

Start with all your Spring essentials, then build on these! Color blocking is still very much a thing for Spring, so your basic plain tee or skirt can get a lot of mileage! If you’re looking to build on your girl’s basics with essential kids’ clothes you can mix and match, check out Basics by kidpik 

2Break Out the Florals

kids fashion outfits

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing florals year-round, Spring is when they really come into bloom. You’ll see flowery kids’ fashion everywhere this season. 

“The first blooms of spring always make my heart sing.” 

— S. Brown 

Girly girls will especially love the chance to wear all their favorite floral print dresses and tops – perfect for going outside to pick a flower, or to bring those spring vibes inside. 

3Layer with Sheer Fabrics 

Sheer is super on-trend right now. So, how can girls incorporate it into their look this spring? It’s all about the layering – so, layer a flowy, sheer top over a simple cami. Or wear a dress with a mesh skirt overlay for a fun, twirly look that’s perfect for dressing up.  

4Work those Fringes and Tassels 

Fringes and tassels are in! You’ll find them on items like frayed denim pants and skirts, embellished jackets and tops, and more. We think our trendy girls are going to love wearing tassels and fringes this season! 

5Bling it up with Sequins

If your girl LOVES bling, we’re happy to report that sequins are here to stay for at least another couple of seasons. So, if you haven’t jumped onboard with the sequin/glitter trend yet, you’ve still got time. Athletic girls can rock this trend with a sequin-embellished tee! 

6. Embrace Embroidery 

The ever ‘sew’ pretty embroidery trend we’ve loved for the last few seasons is set to continue this Spring. Look for kids’ fashion with embroidered detailing and embrace this crafty-cool trend! 

7Go Romantic with Ruffles 

This spring is all about those romantic vibes, and that means ruffles! Ruffled skirts, ruffled dresses, and even ruffled sleeves are all super on-trend. Your girly girl will love going all out on the ruffles, or if she’s more classic style, she might just incorporate one ruffled element into her outfit. 

8Bring on Pastel Hues

Think shades of soft pink, rose, lilac, and lavender. Or go pale lemony yellow, coral, and powdery blue. We’re seeing pastel in all sorts of kids’ fashion, but notably this Spring, it’s all about pastel denim!  

9. Beiges and Neutrals

Classic girls rejoice! It’s super on trend to wear a neutral look this Spring, even head-to-toe beige is in. Add a pair of neutral black, white, or beige skinny jeans and a neutral cardigan to your girl’s wardrobe and she’ll be able to wear it again and again this season. 

10Update Your Shoes 

Springtime means new shoes for your girl – not just because she’s probably ready for the next size up, but also because the weather is changing. In Spring, you can have all sorts of weather (depending on where you live) from leftover snowy days and Springtime showers, to beautiful sunny days and beachy weather. 

“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” 

— Mark Twain 

So, check your girl’s shoe supplies and see what needs adding for this season. Current shoe trends perfect for Spring include: 

  • Strappy gladiator sandals 
  • Floral sneakers 
  • Glossy and metallic sneakers 
  • Tassel booties 
  • Ankle strap ballet shoes 

11Wear a Hip Bag

Hip bags are so cool right now, and the perfect addition to your girl’s outfits this Spring. They’re perfect for sporty girls who have a big day out full of adventures, and great for holding all those little bits and pieces she might need. Things like an extra hair tie, a packet of tissues, and a few coins to get a treat at the corner shop. 

12. Go Bright With White

Spring is about fresh, new beginnings – so white is a perfect pick for a Spring outfit for girls. Whether it’s bright white denim, a white tiered skirt, or white tee, you’ll find it so easy to mix and match white pieces into your girl’s Spring wardrobe. She’ll be looking vacation-ready with bright and airy outfits ready for Spring and Summer! 

13. Lovely in Lace

This season, you’ll see plenty of kids’ fashion with lace trimming on sleeves, hemlines, necklines, and lace overlays on dresses, tops, and skirts. Girly fashionistas will love incorporating lace into their outfits! 

14Say Hello to Polka Dots

As we mentioned in our previous article on Spring pattern trends, you’re going to see a whole lot more kids’ clothes with polka dots!   

15. Add a Straw Hat 

Not only is a straw hat practical for Spring days in the dirt and sunshine, but it can make a gorgeous statement to finish off your girl’s outfit.  

16. Rock the Denim 

This season it’s all about denim in kids’ fashion. Not just your standard blue/black denim jeans, either. Pastel and brightly colored denim, along with denim skirts, shorts, jackets, and dresses are all on-trend. Even denim-on-denim is totally cool! Read more about denim in our guide, our favorite ways to style denim. 

17Tailored Fit Jackets 

It’s not quite summer yet, so it’s important to make sure your girl has a couple of jackets and cardigans in her Spring wardrobe. One outerwear trend we’re loving is tailored fit jackets because they’re a great contrast to the floaty, ruffled shapes we’re seeing, and can really balance out the outfit. 

18Hair Accessories

Finally, we absolutely must mention a few current hair trends. Scrunchies, big bows, and hair jewels are all on-trend and perfect for finishing off your girl’s look. Styling tip? Try to pick hair accessories that link well to the rest of the outfit, with either similar colors, patterns, or embellishments. 

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What’s Your Girl’s Favorite Springtime Activity?

Before we go, we’d love to know:  

What’s your girl’s favorite thing to do in Spring? And what does she wear to do it? 

Let us know your answer in the comments below! 

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